What our clients say about us!
James is a local treasure. He knows his art and always diagnoses the problem with accuracy. I don't go to him for relaxing massages and it's usually for a problem as a result of either running or sitting too much at a keyboard for work. A few years ago, before knowing him, I went for 3 sessions at 3 different massage centres for knee pain before running in an event. Nothing was improved and I finished a marathon in pain. A week later I found James and he fixed it in one session. I haven't seen anybody else for a massage since then. James is in big demand and sometimes hard to get an appointment, but he is sure worth the wait!
I have been to see James about a dozen times now. Each time I visit it is for a specific issue which he has always been able to identify a cause and work to remediate the issues. My first visit was due to a car accident, and subsequent visits have been work or sports related issues. Not only does James help relieve the pain he also coaches me on how to avoid the cause of my pain to reduce future occurrences. He is VERY helpful and great at what he does. Highly recommended.
James is a fantastic sport massage pro! Like no other massage I've had. He is extremely knowledgeable and has been a great help for body troubles I've been having and boosting my sports performance.
Hands down, the best RMT service I have experienced in 25 years. Stretching and homework is included which means I make significant progress between sessions. Amazing diagnostic skills. An issue I had for decades has been addressed so my physical performance has dramatically improved.
James is one of the best RMT's out there. His assessment skills are very good and he doesn't hustle business if he doesn't think you need to come in. Can't ask for anymore than that!
James is terrific! Responsive, focused on performance and always working to make sure you get the most out of your treatments.
James is a miracle worker who has fixed me more times than I care to admit. I recommend him with zero hesitations.
James Wheeler helped me quite a lot. He eliviated my pain considerably.
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality